If You like the sandy beaches, and love sunshine, palm trees, then Aphrodite’s birdland awaiting!
We offer several job opportunities in this lovely mediterrenian island in 4-5 star hotels. It is very important, that Cyprus is not the place, where You will get rich, as the salaries are lower than in any other EU country, but the lifestyle is amazing.

This jobs are offered to:

  • ones, who has not/limited experience in the field of hospitality, but would like to try themselves in this field
  • ones , who has relevant experience, but only has limited english knowledge, and want to improve
  • ones, who want to go with boyfriend/girlfriends, friends, relatives, as we can get jobs for even smaller groups at the same workplace
  • ones, who appart from working want to enjoy their freetime, enjoy what this beautiful island can give

Basic requirements:

  • At least basic level of english
  • Relevant working experience is advantage, but not a must
  • EU passport

Working hours: 6 days/week (1-1,5 days off), usually 8 hours/day

Accomodation: most of the hotels provide with accomodation, but easy to rent as well, a studio (one bedroom) apartman’s renting fee is around 250-300€/month

Meals: meals on duty is always provided by the hotel, but some places provide 3X meal per a day

Contract lenght: normally seasonal, from March/April till end October, but in some cases it can be extended

Available positions:

  • Waiter (gross salary: 800-900€/month)
  • Head Waiters (900-1100€)
  • Barwaiter/Bartender (800-1000€)
  • Housekeeper (800-900€)
  • Kitchen Porters (700-900€)
  • Receptionist (800-1000€)
  • Cooks (800-2000€)
  • Hostess (800-900€)
  • Lifeguard (800-900€)

Salaries indicated above are gross amounts, 7,1% social contribution is deducted, plus accomodation costs, net salaries in hand about 650-700€/month. In some cases extra benefits apply, like holiday pay, or/and 13. month salary (proportional) or bonus is paid upon successful completion of the contract.