GoWork Recruitment is a hiring partner of five river cruise companies (Anqor, Cruisinc, Edelweiss Gastro, RSR Nemo, Grand Circle Cruise Line), operating about 50-60 luxury riverships sailing all over on Europian waterways (Danube, Rhine, Main, Elba, Mosel, Seine, Rhone, Seine ).

This work is seasonal, contract is from March till end October-November-December, depending on ships.
Start date can be any time from March during the season till end of September.

Passengers are on board mostly german speakers, but they are operating numerous vessels carrying  english speaking (US-English and Australian) guests  as well, therefore we look for german and/or english speaker applicants.

The working hours on board usually 10-12 hours/day, 6-7 days/week, depending on cruiselines.

It is very important, that after the season has started, start date can be 2-3 days from day of application! If You have notice period at Your current workplace, that means we will not be able to help!


Jobs are available for all EU passport holders for the following positions:

  • Cabinstewardess/Cleaners (females only!) – relevant experience is not necessary, but advantage
    • Salary: 1200-2000€/month
  • Waiters, barwaiters – relevant experience is needed!
    • Salary: 1200-2200€/month
  • Receptionist – relevant experience is needed!
    • Salary: 1200-2500€/month
  • Cooks (Commis-Chef de Partie-Sous Chef- Executive Chef), former experience is essential!
    • Salary: 1300-4400€/month