GoWork Recruitment offers several hotel job opportunities to EU passport holders  all over in the United Kingdom . Our partners are hotel chains, privately owned smaller hotels and restaurants.
Pleas bear in mind, that all workplaces are located on the country side, never in bigger town or city, sometimes at a very rural location!
All jobs are offered by us is a “live in” position, means employer provides with accomodation and meal on and sometimes off duty as weel for a very discounted price (£0-60/week-depending on employer). In this way You do not need to spend a significant part of Your earning for rent and meal, therefore more money remain in Your pocket.

Most of our job posts require former experience in the Catering/Hospitality business, but we also can help those enthusiastic and dedicated job seekers, who have never worked in this field.

Couples, friends relatives are welcomed to apply together, we can place them at the same workplace!

It is very important, that without english language knowledge we will not be able to help You to find any job in the United Kingdom!

Working conditions are the following:

  • Usually 40 hours/week, 5 days/week, but as we are in the hotel business, it might be more during the peek season
  • Contracts are normaly for one year or unlimited time, rarely seasonal (3-6 months)
  • Minimum wage is currently £7,83/hour before tax above age of 25, £7,38/hour at the age of 21-24, and £5,93/hour at 18-20.
    Employees are subject to pay tax and social security, therefore medical services are provided by the UK healthcare institutions if needed for free, if You want to know exactly, how much money You’ll get in hand, just click here and use the calculator: calculator
  • All employees are entitled for annual leave, which depends on Your age
  • Starting salary depends on many thing (experience, level of the position), we do have jobs at higher than the minimum wage

Positions we look for to fill:

  • Kitchen Porter
  • Chefs/cooks – all level (Commis chef, Chef de Partie, Sous chef, Head chef)
  • General Assistant – all rounder- involves mixed duties, such us kitchen porting, cleaning, waiting, or even receptionist
  • Waiter, Head Waiter, Restaurant Manager
  • Chambermaid, Housekeeping Supervisor, Executive Housekeeper
  • Receptionist

We provide with all the support to find the right job for You, organize interview with the employer, help to find the best option to get to the workplace in order.