Do You speak german well? Do You want to work for a leading brand like Netflix, Microsoft, Expedia, or Facebook? Do You want to live & work in the beautiful Lisbon or Porto, Portugal?

Our partner, Teleperformance Group has the largest global footprint in the industry with more than 311 Contact Centers, presence in 65 Countries, servicing over 163 markets with the help of 190,000 dedicated employees. Teleperformance Portugal is part of the group and a leader in Portugal for the export of Customer Experience Management and shared services to international markets. Our 7,500 employees are assigned to projects for over 78 markets, communicating in 29 languages.

Teleperformance  Portugal  is frequently recognized  nationally and  internationally for its services and excellence. We’re proud of that recognition as it acknowledges our work quality, our total orientation towards the client and our outstanding teamwork.Teleperformance Portugal   is   a   global   leader   and   one   of   the   biggest   companies   in   Portugal.   Six   of   the Teleperformance’s buildings are located in Lisbon, and this is where you will be working, but we are also located in Setúbal, Porto and Covillhã.

Over the last years, Teleperformance Portugal as been recognized as an excellent company to work for and one of the best services provider company.

Our Clients

Working  with  Teleperformance  means  working  with  prestigious,  worldwide  brands.  Our  clients  are leading companies who are recognized globally for their high levels of customer service and innovation. It’s our mission to support their activities offering the same world-class levels of service to their customers.

Join our Atlantic Experience Program!

We’ll take care of your Paperwork:
We arrange all formalities for you regarding residency, social security and bank account.
We’ll take care of your accommodation:
We offer you the option of living in one of our fully equipped apartments which are located 20-60min away from your workplace.
Language Course:
If you wish to learn Portuguese we also provide you Portuguese Classes, so you can fully
enjoy the Lisbon experience.

TP Club activities:
Make some friends. Either if you are a  foodie or an adventurer, we have something for everyone. Join our surf classes, “try something new” workshops or be the star of our TP Football cup.

Special benefits for our international employees

Initial Flight Refund:

Teleperformance refunds your initial flight to Portugal. Therefore we will provide a budget via email, within you are free to book your flight. You will be asked to hand in your booking confirmation / receipt to eventually receive the refund. Tickets are refunded after nine months of successful integration, counting from contract signature. To request your refund, contact our employee support at that time and your flight will be refunded during the next possible salary process.

Yearly Complementary Flight:

After 12 months of successful integration, counting from contract signature, Teleperformance offers a complimentary two-way airplane ticket to your home country (within the EU). This offer is valid after every cycle of 12 months, for as long as you work with us, to allow you to visit your family and friends in your home country at least once per year. For this flight also, prior, written approval of the budget is required from the Employee Support Department.

Accommodation in Lisbon:

Teleperformance offers you the option of living in a room in one of our company-rented apartments in Lisbon at least for the first 14 months of your stay. The apartments are fully equipped and furnished, including kitchen, living room with cable TV and wireless internet and all expenses are paid for by Teleperformance (water, gas, electricity, cable TV, internet – within the limits of responsible use). The apartments are typically between 20-60min away from the workplace. Upon your arrival, you will find bed sheets, pillows and a towel. Should you choose our accommodation offer, a small part of your salary will be deducted on a monthly basis.

(Access to this option is limited to applicants who are currently living at more than 100km from Lisbon. The rooms are only for our employees and no pets are allowed.)

Examples of Teleperformance apartments

Airport Pick-up:

If you receive a written confirmation that you have been selected, please book your flight as soon as possible, within the budget approved by Teleperformance. We ask you to keep the receipt for the refund and send us a copy of your flight confirmation via email, in order to arrange your pick-up at Lisbon Airport. Our colleagues from the Welcome & Support Team will be welcoming you at your arrival. You will be informed in advance about the meeting point.

Initial Training:

After arriving in Portugal, there will be an initial training period typically between 1-4 weeks. A training agreement is signed on the first day. The training is paid for those who successfully complete it and start working with us, with the first payment scheduled for approximately one week after contract signature. Therefore please be aware that you need a sufficient budget for the first weeks of your stay in Lisbon.

Contract Signature:

A fixed-term employment contract is signed on the first day of work after the training has been successfully completed and can be subsequently automatically renewed after its completion. The original has to be signed in Portuguese according to Portuguese law, however you will receive an English copy as well.


With the contract signature upon a successful completion of training, you obtain access to the public social security system in Portugal, including the Portuguese public health system. For the time during your training you should still maintain your previous health insurance package if you have one.Six months after contract signature, Teleperformance offers the possibility of a private health insurance from Allianz paid by the company for as long as you work with us.