Company name/website/descriptionPolydak  
Position  Flat roofer  
Salary  From 18€  
Language required (English/French)  English  
Job description, tasks to do (the more details the better  Working on industrial flat roofsIsolationEPDM ( with fire) Start early in the mornings ( around 4-5 o’clock at the company)Need to get by themselves at the company ( NO pick-ups)Willing to want to learn Dutch in the next years    
Own car is a must (yes or no)  yes  
Driving license is a must (yes or no)Mandatory  
How many hours of work /week? (38/40)  40
Extra hours? (yes/no)  yes
Work in shifts? How many (2/3/working schedule)no
Other benefits (food tickets, shift bonus)   
Specific requirements/questions from company  Good EnglishVCA – attest