GoWork Recruitment recruits workers to the United States for the summer and winter season under the H2B (Temporary Worker Visa) program

The H2B visa program offers US employers the opportunity to employ foreign workers in positions (unskilled labour) where they can not find suitable local workers. For more details and list of countries eligible for the H2B visa program, please click HERE !

IMPORTANT: please note before you apply, that NO supervisory or managerial positions are available at any field under H2B visa program!

Features of the H2B Visa Program:

  • 100% legal, declared employment with “Social Security” number
  • All costs are covered by the employer: return ticket, only the visa fee ($ 190) is to be paid in advance by the employee, but this amount is also refunded after departure
  • The visa is issued for the duration of the employment contract provided by the employer (usually summer season: from May-June till September; winter season: from October till May but may vary ), but can be extended up to 3 years.
  • Once you finish the season you may find another employer- either by yourself or with our help- participating in the H2B visa program.
  • There is no extra-hidden cost, no brokerage or post-payment
  • We are mainly looking for candidates for hotel and hospitality positions, less often for other fields, but pleae contact us about the available positions.

Salary: prevailing wage $ 11-20/hour gross (depending on employers and positions, systems), overtime 150%, salary paid out bi-weekly.
To calculate the exact net amount, click on the link below:

Working hours: minimum 35 hours per week, overtime may apply due to business needs

Accommodation in excellent conditions + meals on duty are provided by the employer in all cases, costs depend on the area/location, but may vary from $ 250-650 per month, deducted from salary.

Our partners continuously organize Skype/Zoom and personal interviews, in order to apply click on the button below:

Job offers in Montana/USA for the winter
Job offers in Montana/USA for the winter

Job offers in Montana/USA for the winter season 2021-2022 in a picturesque, exclusive ski resort, Yellowstone Club IMPORTANT: before You apply, please check out the conditions of the H2B visa program …