Forklift driver

City:48268 Greven (near Münster), Bremen
German: A2
English:A2 (if without German skills)
Gender:Male only with folklift driver certificate
Description:Loading and unloading operations in the warehouse;
Assembly, unloading, acceptance, movement of goods and materials in the warehouse complex;
Control over the technical condition of equipment;
Careful operation of the loader;
Compliance with the rules of labor protection and safety in the process of work.
Schedule:152 h/ month- minimum by contract, Work in 2 shifts, extra hours are possible.
Salary:Salary is 14.50-15,00 Euro/hour gross depend on experience. Work on holidays, Sundays and night shifts are paid additionally (100%, 50% and 25%). Salary will be transferred to the bank account latest on the 15th working day of every month.If needed the advance payment (max 50%) can be paid at the end of the working month.
Accommodation:Will be provided and deducted from the salary. Costs around 16 euros / day. Comfortable apartments with all necessary utensils and WiFi. If the workplace cannot be reached on foot or public transport, we will provide transport (additional costs may apply).
Documents required:CV IDPhoto
We provide:Working contract Extra vacation / Christmas bonus (after 6 months with us) Application for the tax identification number Working clothes – deposit 50 Euros twill be returned