Job Description: As Cabin Steward you are responsible for keeping the guests cabins and passageways clean and neat while keeping to the hygiene and sanitary rules and standard operating procedures. You provide personal assistance to the guests and take care of personal requests. You are flexible and willing to fulfil other duties when necessary, such as garbage handling, loading supplies/provisions or helping out in the restaurant and bar, assist with the passenger carrying luggage.

Management Responsibility:  No management Responsibility. Future opportunities.

Job Locations: Vessels sail through the European Rivers, Rhine, Danube, Mainz, Moselle etc

Guests on board: German, Spanish, English, Dutch, American, Scandinavian, etc. (depending on charterer)

Work Time:  Full Time, 6-7 days per week, depending on cruiseline

Language Skills: Good  command  of  English and/or German  language.

Spoken Language on board: English and/or German

Salary:  €1.300-2.000 net per month, including Tips

Tips:  available but not specified as it depends on guests

Uniform: Instructions will be provided during recruitment

Willingness to travel and work away from home for long periods: Necessary

Personal Strengths: Motivation/willingness to work under pressure, physical condition in good shape as climbing the stairs during service may be applicable, Customer Orientation Communication Skills, Flexibility-can adjust to new work conditions and requirements quickly, Ability to see the whole picture, work as a team in order to achieve the maximum passenger satisfaction


  • Free Medical Coverage
  • 4 vacation days per month, or one full day off/week, depending on cruiseline
  • Reimbursement of the travel expenses to/from the ship up to a maximum amount
  • Free Share cabin facilities and Free meals are provided

Requirements from the Applicant

Accountability: The Cabin Steward (ess) reports directly to the Accommodation Manager.

Flexibility: The Cabin Steward (ess) has a flexible position and fulfils other duties when necessary, such as garbage handling, loading supplies/provisions or helping out in the laundry restaurant and bar.


  • Maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of each room occupiedand non-occupied, common public areas and stewardess station.
  • Preparing the room beddings, arranging it and fix it promptly.
  • Distribute from housekeeping to cabins all guests amenities such as chocolates, parcels, blowers, gifts, paperwork etc. as directedby the Housekeeping .
  • Keep always into consideration the hygiene standards such as working with gloves at all times.
  • Communicating with customers about their demands and ordersaccording to their rooms or things that they need.
  • Assisting with loading of luggage as directed and Greeting the guests on arrival and departure.
  • Work as a team.


  • At least one years of hotel experience.
  • Cruise Ship experience will be considered as an advantage.
  • Knowledge of betting preparation ensuring the guest comfort at all times.
  • Professional cleaning taking into consideration hygiene standards

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