Culinary Arts Studies

B.H.M.S. Culinary Arts Programs develop students’ contemporary skills in food preparation and presentation, à la carte cuisine, pastry and desserts and kitchen management through hands-on training and classroom learning. Over the course of 3 years, students acquire all the fundamental skills necessary to work in the world’s finest dining establishments in one of the fastest growing industries.

  • Diploma in Culinary Arts: The B.H.M.S. Diploma in Culinary Arts introduces students to the world of food production through basic operational techniques and hands-on core competency training. Highlights of this first year include classic European cooking methods, cuts, stocks and sauces as a foundation stone. Patisserie skills are developed through two specialised courses and industry essentials of food safety and nutrition are taught in preparation for the students’ first industry training placement.
    Admission Requirements: Secondary school’s diploma; IELTS 5.0 or equivalent; Minimum 17 years of age
  • Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts: The B.H.M.S. Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts increases the students’ fundamental understanding of international culinary principles gained at the Diploma level. Practical highlights of this second year include advanced cold kitchen techniques, advanced training in contemporary dish creation and presentation as well as a dedicated chocolatier course. Students start additionally to develop their managerial skills through core business subjects, preparing them for a broad range of culinary career opportunities.
    Admission Requirements: B.H.M.S. Diploma or equivalent; IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts: The third and final year, leading to a Bachelor in Culinary Arts, builds on students’ existing culinary competencies and experience to deepen and hone practical, leadership and business skills. Highlights of this third year program include inter-disciplinary management of food service operations, including customer service, resource planning and management. New product development, molecular cuisine, technology applications and managing teams in the kitchen labs additionally provide capstone learning in a variety of skill areas, before students progress to their final industry placement and graduate positions.
    Admission Requirement: B.H.M.S. Higher Diploma or equivalent; IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts:
    Program Overview
    The B.H.M.S. Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts is designed for degree holders in other fields, wishing to re-align their career into the culinary sector. It combines a hands-on approach to culinary operations and elementary food preparation skills with more advanced techniques and creativity in the latter part of the program. Managerial skills are enhanced through key, applied theory courses to ensure a balanced conversion award. Highlights of the program include classic European cooking methods, cuts, stocks and sauces as a foundation stone, before practicing these skills with international and contemporary menus in a working restaurant environment. The industry essentials of food safety and nutrition are also taught in preparation for the students’ industry training placement.
    Integral Paid Industry Training
    One internship period of 4- 6 months is an integral learning opportunity in both the postgraduate and master’s programs. During the Swiss internship, students receive a trainee’s gross monthly salary of CHF 2,212. Students’ performance, behaviour and professional attitude is assessed by employers.