Hospitality Management Programs

Hospitality Management programs at B.H.M.S. are specifically designed for young adults and professionals wishing to enter the international hotel and hospitality field and who aspire to a management career in the tourism sector.

Various courses offered at B.H.M.S. provide students with a high-quality academic education complemented by vocational core competency training. This carries considerable value and prestige with employers worldwide. It can also benefit people looking to obtain the necessary specialized knowledge when considering opening their own business.

The following Hospitalty Management Programs may be completet at the Business and Hotel Management School B.H.M.S. in Lucerne:

Undergraduate Programs

  • Diploma in Business & Hospitality Management: This one-year program is designed for those who have completed their secondary education and are looking for a career in the hospitality/tourism industry or the international business sector. The program has a dual focus on developing a broad understanding of the operational aspects of the international hotel industry and building knowledge of key business and management principles. It comprises of one semester of 20 weeks plus 4 – 6 months paid Internship in Switzerland or overseas.
    Admission Requirements: Secondary school’s diploma; IELTS 5.0 or equivalent; Minimum 17 years of age
  • Higher Diploma in Business & Hospitality Management (Year Two): This second year provides the knowledge needed to further a career in global tourism, hospitality and other multi-national business sectors. Students advance their understanding and skills in business management with subjects that include accounting, sales and marketing as well as human resources management. It comprises one semester of 20 weeks plus 4- 6 months paid internship. After completing the two year program at the B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School students decide either to follow the BA in Hotel & Hospitality Management or the BA in Global Business Management final year pathway.
    Admission Requirements: B.H.M.S. Diploma or equivalent; IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • BA Degree in Hospitality Management (Year Three): The BA in Hotel and Hospitality Management program provides all students with an academic qualification that is attractive to potential employers: the skills and ability to enter the working world and a ‹tool box› that can be applied to a range of careers in the hospitality industry. Graduates may become accomplished managers, capable of working across a range of public and private enterprises including leisure facilities, hotels, theme parks, conferences, exhibitions and event management.
    Admission Requirements: B.H.M.S. Higher Diploma or equivalent; IELTS 6.0 level or equivalent

Postgraduate Programs

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
    Program Overview
    The B.H.M.S. Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management program is specifically designed for two target audience who are aspiring to a management career in hospitality industry: degree holders in other fields, with lower English ability, who wish to undertake a foundation program to prepare them for the M.Sc. in International Hospitality Business Management program or make a career move into the international hotel and hospitality industry, and; young adults holding associate degree qualifications and significant work experience who wish to update their qualifications.
    Admission Requirements: Associate Degree or equivalent; 2-3 years work experience; IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
    Integral Paid Industry Training
    One internship period of 4- 6 months is an integral learning opportunity in both the postgraduate and master’s programs. During the Swiss internship, students receive a trainee’s gross monthly salary of CHF2,212. Students’ performance, behaviour and professional attitude is assessed by employers.
  • M.Sc. Degree in International Hospitality Business Management:
    Program Overview
    The M.Sc. programs are designed to enable graduates, or those wishing to develop their career path, the opportunity to enhance their hospitality knowledge and capabilities with a higher qualification which can accelerate career progression. Through their choice of pathway, students will be exposed to a variety of industry case studies and business concepts to develop the knowledge and competencies needed for a successful career in the hospitality, service and wider business sectors.
    Admission Requirements: Bachelor Degree in any discipline, or B.H.M.S.; PG Diploma, or RGU Graduate Certificate; IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Business Management: The Graduate Certificate offers candidates without a Bachelor, a progression route in the M.Sc. programs. Students will study 4 core modules at advanced level over a 3 month period, and upon successful completion, will progress to the M.Sc. International Hospitality Business Management or M.Sc. Global Business Management.
    Admission Requirements: Associate Degree or equivalent; 2-3 years work experience; IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
  • MBA Dual Degree: The B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School, together with the York St. John University, offers an MBA Degree for young professionals to enhance their managerial knowledge and capabilities through applied learning using case studies, group work and real business examples.
    Switzerland is world-famous for its high-quality service industries, hospitality and tourism sector and innovations in a number of fields. Students therefore have the opportunity to follow a contemporary curriculum to gain focused insight and skills in key business practices and explore a wide variety of multi-sector developments through case studies, data handling and projects to ensure that the learning is applied and of real career value. The dual MBA program comprises one intensive study block of 6 months, full-time study which is followed by an independent Research Investigation, allowing students to pursue an in-depth study of an area relevant to their future. The research can be completed alongside an internship period of 6 months in Switzerland or overseas for students wishing to gain further work experience before proceeding on their career track. Alternatively, students may return to a full-time position during this phase of the program. This program is suited to candidates who possess a bachelor’s degree or significant managerial experience and are looking to enter or gain promotion in a particular industry or sector.
    Admission Requirements: Bachelor Degree in any discipline; IELTS 6.0 level or equivalent; 2-3 years work experience