Job Description: As Restaurant Manager you are responsible for the day to day operations and supervision of the restaurant. Your responsibilities include training, maintaining a high standard of food quality and service, assigning work schedules for Waiters and Bar Staff, keeping control of all the equipment and required inventories.

Management Responsibility: Managerial Responsibility as Head of the Restaurant Department (HoD) 

Job Locations: Our Vessels sail through the European Rivers, Rhine, Danube, Mainz, Moselle. (depending from ship)

Crew/Nationalities: 5-32 Hotel Crew, More than 10 Nationalities

Guests: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French speaking guests

Work Time: Full Time, 7 days per week

Professional Experience: With Professional Experience

Language Skills: Good command of English language, Good Command of German or Spanish Language will be considered an advantage

Spoken Language on board: English, German and Spanish

Contracts: Swiss/French/Cypriot

Salary: €2,500.00 to €3,000.00net per month depending on qualifications

Tips: available but not specified as it depends on guests

Uniform: Employee’s responsibility/not provided on board.Instructions will be provided during recruitment

Willingness to travel and work away from home for long periods: Necessary

Personal Strengths:                                                

  • Motivation/willingness to work under pressure, physical condition in good shape as climbing the stairs during service may be applicable,
  • Customer Orientation Communication Skills,
  • Flexibility-can adjust to new work conditions and requirements quickly,
  • Ability to see the whole picture, work as a team in order to achieve the maximum passenger satisfaction.
  • Be proactive and able to go the extra mile.


  • Free Medical Coverage
  • 4 vacation days per month (vacation days will be taken as a 14 days break in a period set by the company)
  • Reimbursement of the travel expenses to/from the ship up to a maximum amount
  • Share cabin facilities and Free meals are provided

Requirements from the Applicant

Accountability: The Restaurant Manager reports to the Hotel Manager and Corporate Hotel Manager


  • The employee will have to be able to assist in areas outside the restaurant for ship operation purposes such us loading of food and supplies.
  • Cleanliness of the Restaurant is under the Restaurant Department responsibility


  • Responsible for the implementation and execution of food handling (Buffet), food service and cleaning procedures in accordance with Anqor’s standards.
  • Encouraging training of new waiters
  • Directs, supervises and trains all subordinates in the performance of their duties in accordance with the quality standards set by the company. Follows all Anqor’s Dining Service standards, as dictated by Corporate Management
  • Ensures proper reservations and seating assignments are administered accurately for all guests in accordance to guests desires.
  • Responsible for maintaining a well-supplied work area with appropriate par stocks.
  • Reports any maintenance discrepancies in work area to the appropriate departments and/or Hotel Manager. Conducts daily inspections of all areas of responsibility in order to identify deficiencies and assess procedures of personnel.
  • Preparation of tables according to standards
  • Presenting menus to the guests and answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request
  • Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems.
  • Wine knowledge and recommendations depending on the location the ship is sailing
  • Always remains clean, well-groomed and friendly to the guests
  • Take into consideration the hygiene and safety standards
  • Restaurant manager will be responsible only for the Restaurant area but must be in close cooperation with the Bar manager


  • At least six years of high standard hotel experience in a comparable position.
  • At least three years of Cruise ship experience in a comparable position
  • Hospitality degree or Certificate and Training in the waiting section
  • Know-how of food placement according to its category (i.e. fish, meat, beverages etc.)
  • Table setting according to the service (buffet, set menu etc.)